At ELN we want you to enjoy your learning journey. We want to make it easy for you to complete your course as quickly as possible while gaining the most benefit from your learning experience. 

We do this by providing you with access to:

  1. Cutting edge elearning technology and tools to help you stay engaged with your learning and to aid quick completion.
  2. Gamification - compete with your peers, earn points and badges for completing your course and assessments which translate to real rewards like discounts off your next course.
  3. Multi-device platform - works on any smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer. Take up wherever you left off previously even if it was on another device. Truly flexible and innovative learning!
  4. Highly qualified tutors to guide you, encourage you (and sometimes remind you!) to stay focused and complete your course. Our tutors are assigned to you at the beginning of your course so you have a named teacher who will give you feedback and guidance on all aspects of your learning.
  5. Forums, group work, audio/video calls, chat and idea/document sharing - all from within our elearning platform. No need to give people your personal social media accounts, your personal phone or Skype details! Simply log into our elearning platform and find like-minded people studying the same course or get introduced via your tutor.
  6. Micro-teach and assessed, observed practice sessions can be done via Skype or video-recording. No scheduling delays, hidden travel or assessor costs.

Why learn with anyone else?

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